The Mushroom patch is a Farming patch that players can use to grow mushrooms with level 53 Farming. When grown, one mushroom spore produces exactly six mushrooms. Like any other farming patches, players may use a rake on the patch to gain up to three weeds and up to 12 Farming experience. The patch cannot be protected by farmers.

The minimum tools needed to plant in this patch are a rake to clear the weeds, a seed dibber to plant the spores, and a spade to harvest the mushrooms. Compost or supercompost may also be used to increase the probability of a successful harvest. The nearby Tool leprechaun can store all these items.

The patch is located to the west of Canifis, near the entrance to the Mort Myre swamp, ghouls and the Paterdomus temple on the River Salve. The patch is right next to fairy ring CKS. The Kharyrll Teleport destination is also close by.

Some farmers plan their farming circuit to farm at Port Phasmatys, then run south with a dramen staff or lunar staff to the fairy ring, and return to CKS to harvest and replant this patch.

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