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[[File:Musketeer outfit equipped.png|thumb|100px]]
The '''Musketeer outfit''' can be obtained as an [[clue scroll (elite)|elite clue scroll]] reward from [[Treasure Trails]]. The set is comprised of [[Musketeer hat|hat]], [[Musketeer tabard|tabard]], and [[Musketeer pants|pants]]. The outfit provides no beneficial stats and is only worn for cosmetic purposes.
{|class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"
!Exchange price
!Total price
|{{plinkp|Musketeer hat}}
|[[Musketeer hat]]
|{{GEPrice|Musketeer hat}}
|rowspan="5"|{{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Musketeer hat}} + {{GEP|Musketeer tabard}} + {{GEP|Musketeer pants}}}}}}
|{{plinkp|Musketeer tabard}}
|[[Musketeer tabard]]
|{{GEPrice|Musketeer tabard}}
|{{plinkp|Musketeer pants}}
|[[Musketeer pants]]
|{{GEPrice|Musketeer pants}}
{{Treasure trails rewards}}
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