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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = My Arm
|image = [[File:My Arm.png|220px]]
|release = 23 October [[2006]]
|update = Would you like to see My Arm?
|members = Yes
|quest = [[My Arm's Big Adventure]] <br/> [[Making Friends with My Arm]]
|location = [[Troll Stronghold (location)|Troll Stronghold]]
|shop = No
|gender = Male
|examine = {{*}} Trollish.<br />{{*}} He's poking his farming patch with my dibber.<br />{{*}} My rake is in the hand of My Arm.<br />
|features =
|race = [[Troll]]
[[File:My Arm chathead.png|left]]
'''My Arm''' is a troll farmer at the [[Troll Stronghold (location)|Troll Stronghold]]. He is the main focus of [[My Arm's Big Adventure]] quest as well as [[Burntmeat]]'s assistant.
===Early History===
His name "My Arm" derived from when he was just a baby. Trolls are named after the first thing they eat (or try to eat). Since he first tried to eat his dad's arm, his dad decided to name him My Arm.
===Becoming a Farmer===
My Arm loves [[Goutweed]], as do most trolls. Therefore, when he found out that it was possible to grow goutweed, [[Burntmeat]] directed an adventurer to them. The adventurer taught My Arm how to farm, and helped him defend against a [[baby roc|baby]] and [[giant roc]] who attempted to eat the goutweed. My Arm gained a Farming level as he picked the goutweed, and began growing goutweed to sate the mountain trolls' appetite for them.
===A New Adventure===
When [[Wolfbone]] arrives to Trollheim, Burntmeat decides to send My Arm to [[Weiss]] to teach the trolls there the art of Farming. To ensure the trolls could still grow goutweed, he taught [[Drunken Dwarf's Leg]] how to farm before departing. The adventurer helps My Arm reach the city, where he shows [[Mother]] how to farm, but the troll leader is not interested in it. My Arm soon falls in love with Mother's daughter, [[Snowflake]], but Mother disapproves. My Arm, with Snowflake, [[Odd Mushroom]] and the adventurer's assistance, "kill" the [[Wise Old Man]], but Mother sees through their ruse and mortally wounds Odd Mushroom.
They later break out of the prison and confront Mother, who the adventurer slays in battle. They then perform a wedding ceremony for My Arm and Snowflake and he remains in Weiss to stay with his wife.
{{My Arm's Big Adventure}}
{{Making Friends with My Arm}}

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