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Mysterious Old Man chathead.png
Mysterious Old Man (underwater) chathead.png

The Mysterious Old Man is a man who can teleport you to the Maze and Mime random event. In the Maze random event you must complete the labyrinth as quickly as possible to ensure a better reward. When underwater the Mysterious Old Man will appear with diving apparatus and a fishbowl helmet.

A player interacting with the Mysterious Old Man.

He used to mark the start of many random events, appearing and giving the player a puzzle box or teleporting them off to the Maze or just thanking them for talking to him. The puzzle box is a spinning cube with a number on each side, inside of a shape. The rewards from this random can be very generous, as you can get a half key from the Mysterious prize box.

Although the Mysterious Old Man can still give optional random events, he can also be found upstairs in a house in eastern Falador, saying he is trying to solve a puzzle-cube, and also that he is retired.


  • The Mysterious Old Man bares the exact likeness of Veos, although the Mysterious Old Man does not hold a staff like Veos does. It is unknown if the two share anything beyond their appearances.
  • If a player were to receive this random event underwater, the Mysterious Old Man would be wearing diving gear.