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Ruins of Uzer
Pollnivneach Nardah Mos Le'Harmless
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Nardah is a city in the far south of the Kharidian Desert. It is a town where you can refill waterskins for 1000 coins each and is primarily featured in the quest Spirits of the Elid, where the player seeks to save the city from a drought.


Notable features

Elidinis Statuette

Praying at the Elidinis Statuette recharges Prayer, run energy, special attack energy, cures poison, as well as boosting Hitpoints above normal level briefly. Must have completed Spirits of the Elid quest.

With Desert amulet 4 this provides one of the best ways to replenish stats for PvP or PvM.


Zahur who will clean grimy herbs for you for 200 coins each. In addition to that she can also make unfinished potions for you, also for the price of 200 coins each, provided you have the vials of water and the clean herbs as well as having completed the easy, medium and hard tasks in the Desert Diary. She also combines any dose potions into 4 dose potions for free.





There are also some attackable guards in Nardah. They guard Awusah the Mayor and are level 21.




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