Nardok's Bone Weapons sells Dorgeshuun weapons. The shop is located in Dorgesh-Kaan mine and is only accessible after completing The Lost Tribe quest. Players often buy bone bolts from him in order to train the Ranging skill, since they are fairly strong and inexpensive. The other bone weapons are less popular, most often worn for show rather than serious combat.

Nardok appears slightly ashamed of his trade, apparently only selling bone weapons in secret to humans. This is mostly due to the pacifism of the Dorgeshuun race, who disapprove of violence and by extension weapon-making, except for the purposes of the Dorgeshuun police force.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Bone club Bone club 10 600 360 181
Bone spear Bone spear 10 600 360 215
Bone dagger Bone dagger 5 2,000 1,200 1,886
Dorgeshuun crossbow Dorgeshuun crossbow 5 2,000 1,200 2,048
Bone bolts 5 Bone bolts 1,000 3 1 7
Bone bolt pack Bone bolt pack 80 350 210 Not sold

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