This article is about the NPC at Mount Quidamortem. For the NPC in Varrock Museum, see Natural historian.

Natural Historian chathead.png

The Natural Historian is found with the Varrock Museum expedition on Mount Quidamortem, along with Historian Duffy, Gnosi, and the Mountain Guide.

During Tale of the Righteous, he accompanies Gnosi and the Historian Duffy into the cave west of the Mountain. After the quest, he remains in the cave to further study the temple.


  • Player: Hello.
  • Natural Historian: I've lost my notes... Dufft, have you seen my notes?
  • My wife will kill me if I don't take her back a souvenir.
  • Thank Saradomin for that mountain guide. We couldn't have made it here without him!
  • I've had such a terrible headache since we arrived on this mountain.
  • I can't find my rock pick!

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