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*[[White Knights]]
*[[White Knights]]
*[http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Pirate Pirates]

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Nature rune detail.png

nature rune is a rune crafted from pure essence. It can be crafted by players with level 44 Runecrafting at the Nature altar and yields 9 experience per pure essence used. Players with 91 or greater Runecrafting will always craft two Nature Runes per essence.

It is one of the most popular non-elemental runes traded in RuneScape due to the fact that many players need the runes to train their Magic using High Level Alchemy, Superheat Item or Low Level Alchemy.

Nature runes are also used in the Plank Make and Tan Leather spells in the Lunar spellbook.



There is a lava-surrounded island in high-level Wilderness, south-east of the Demonic Ruins, where 2 nature runes may be Telegrabbed from a spawn. Each telegrab in the wilderness yields 3-4 nature runes depending on the spawn.

Furthermore, there are also some located on an island near the rock crabs by Rellekka that need to be telegrabbed.

They also exist in chests in Ardougne and Rellekka. A Thieving level of 28 is needed to open the locks.


Players may purchase nature runes at Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop in the Mage Arena, Mage Training Arena, the Magic Guild Store in Yanille, or at Baba Yaga's Magic Shop on Lunar Isle.


The official world for running nature runes is world 336. Running nature runes is the activity of banking and passing pure essence to crafters in exchange for the nature runes made.

Dropping monsters


  • In RuneScape Classic, the icon of a nature rune resembles a tree much more, with the top part being more ridged.

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