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|name = Necklace of anguish
|name = Necklace of anguish
|image = [[File:Necklace of anguish.png]]
|image = [[File:Necklace of anguish.png]]
|release = 6 May 2016
|release = 6 May [[2016]]
|update = Monkey Madness II
|update = Monkey Madness II
|members = Yes
|members = Yes

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Necklace of anguish detail.png

The necklace of anguish is an enchanted zenyte necklace. It is the best-in-slot ranged necklace and the only necklace to provide both ranged attack and strength.

Wearing any piece of enchanted zenyte equipment requires level 75 in hitpoints.

Players can make one by enchanting a zenyte necklace with the Lvl-7 Enchant spell. This requires level 93 Magic, 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes, and 1 cosmic rune and grants 110 Magic experience.


  • In the original Developer's Blog, it was proposed that zenyte jewellery, in addition to its stats, would provide a passive healing effect provided that it was charged with a cut onyx[1]. Charged zenyte jewellery equipped would have a 10% chance of healing 5% of the damage dealt to a target. This effect would last for 10,000 successful hits, which when depleted would return the zenyte jewellery to its uncharged state and would require another onyx to become charged again.This was polled in the Old School Content Poll #39, where it only received 69.1% votes in favour, 5.9% short of passing the poll.
  • This necklace looks similar to the Reaper Necklace on RS3.
  • The necklace is the only item besides weapon-slot or ammo-slot items that gives a ranged strength bonus.


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