Newcomer map detail.png

A Newcomer map is a map sold at many general stores for one coin. It is also sold by Rasolo for one coin and Trader crewmembers for 3 coins.

The map helps new players of the game find their way around the RuneScape world. The map does not give clear directions, but shows a general view of eastern Asgarnia and western Misthalin, being the main Free-to-play area of the game. The map will also display the rough location of the player with a blinking X on the map. This item is not recommended anymore because of the fact that Gielinor is now mapped.

Newcomer map screen.png


  • This item was once used to scam other players by convincing them it was a Christmas cracker due to the fact that the two look similar.
  • The map is now considered obsolete.
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