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Nigel chathead.png

Nigel is an NPC located at the Lumbridge graveyard. He is a tutor who can give information about Deadman mode to players.

He sells Deadman armour, at a cost of one blood money per piece. In order to purchase them, players must use the blood money on Nigel, instead of speaking to him, as there are no dialogue options for purchasing the armour. A full set of Deadman armour currently costs three pieces of blood money, the equivalent to three player kills.

This NPC has several very unique items on him, besides a unique draping hood combined with a highwayman mask, he also has a unique pair of giant boots, and special gloves that appear to be the boots, and gloves of the Deadman armour. He is also wielding a very bizarre backwards two-handed curved sword, with a neithral hilt that resembles an old Celtic broadsword. It is unknown if either of the boots, gloves, combined hooded mask, or the sword will ever be added to the game.