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Norse Code is a members-only music track that was released along with the Fremennik Isles and the respective quest on 6 February 2007. It uses 3/4 beat.

The track's name is a portmanteau of "Norse" (Scandinavian) and "Morse code" (a form of telecommunications).

In the actual track, a secret Morse code message is present. The high-pitched flute plays in Morse code. The short notes are the dits, and the long notes are the dahs.

The sequence of the Morse code is as follows:

Sequence Sounds Letter
• – • dit-dah-dit R
• • – dit-dit-dah U
– • dah-dit N
dit E
• • • dit-dit-dit S
– • – • dah-dit-dah-dit C
• – dit-dah A
• – – • dit-dah-dah-dit P
dit E

The full sequence spells out the letters for "RuneScape", although the timing between letters is incorrect (three dit intervals should be left between each letter). So the interpretation would be very different when the rules of deciphering Morse Code are strictly followed.


  • Mozzie, a main character in the T.V. series White Collar mentioned RuneScape's hidden flute solo in season two, episode 9, "Point Blank", while trying to solve a music box puzzle.
  • Part of the song features a tune from the Yesteryear track.