Nylocas Matomenos spawn during The Maiden of Sugadinti and Verzik Vitur encounters in the Theatre of Blood. They will heal the boss for their remaining hitpoints if they reach her, so binding them in place using ice spells is necessary to prevent massive amounts of hitpoints being restored.

Despite never attacking the player directly, casting Monster Examine will reveal that it has a stab attack style and a max hit of 11.


  • The latter part of the name of the Nylocas Matomenos likely derives from the Greek term "ματωμένος"(transliterated, "matomenos"), meaning "bloody" or "bleeding". Thus, the Nylocas Matomenos may also be understood to be a Bloody Nylocas - a name likely intended to lend credence to its lore and offer insight as to the source of its ability to heal The Maiden and Lady Verzik.

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