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The Obelisk can be built in the Superior Garden of a player-owned house at level 80 Construction. It can be used by anyone to teleport to other Wilderness Obelisks. Players cannot teleport to the house obelisk from a Wilderness obelisk.

Like the obelisks in the Wilderness, the obelisk will teleport players to a random location unless they have completed the hard Wilderness Diary, in which case they will be able to select the teleport destination.

Unlike the Wilderness obelisks where there is a short delay before it teleports the player, this obelisk instantly teleports the player; however, it individually teleports players, whereas the Wilderness counterparts teleports all in its range.


Item Exchange price Total price
Ancient crystal.png 4 x Ancient crystal 615,008 1,932,596
Marble block.png 4 x Marble block 1,317,588