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The Ogre Enclave, located southwest of Yanille and accessed via the cave in the market of Gu'Tanoth, is one of the few locations containing Blue dragons, and is visited during the Watchtower Quest. Below is a complete list of monsters found within the cave:

In the centre of the cave is the Rock of Dalgroth, which you can mine while completing the Watchtower Quest for the fourth crystal.


If returning to this cave after completing the Watchtower Quest, you will not need extra cave nightshade, as you can just sneak past the Enclave guards without it. Also, you do not need a light source when entering the cave unlike the other Skavid caves nearby.

To leave the cave, there is an exit in the centre of the north wall. It will take you to the north cave near the pathway to Gu'Tanoth.


As this is a popular area to kill blue dragons, there are several routes you can take to get to Gu'Tanoth. Below are some of the ways you can get there:

  • Teleport to your house in Yanille (requires 50 Construction) and run west, then south to the entrance of Gu'Tanoth. Alternatively, if you have 39 Agility, 38 Strength and 21 Ranged, you can use a Mith grapple on the wall in south-west Yanille to take you right to the entrance of the city.
  • Teleport to Castle Wars using a ring of dueling and run south over the bridge and then east to the entrance.
  • If you have completed the Watchtower Quest, teleport to the Watchtower using the spell, run east and use the shortcut requiring level 16 Agility to get inside Yanille. Run south and use a Mith Grapple if you are able to.
  • Use the Minigame interface to teleport to the Nightmare Zone and then run west through Yanille or over the south-east corner of the city to get to the entrance.
  • There are two fairy rings fairly close to the entrance. The one north-west of Yanille CIQ and running south, or the one in Feldip Hills AKS and running north (beware of Ogres and wolves).
  • If you have completed One Small Favour, you can use a gnome glider in the Feldip Hills and running north to the entrance.