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Ogre shaman chathead.png

Ogre shamans are monsters found in the Ogre Enclave during the Watchtower quest.

Players must use a magic ogre potion on them during the quest to kill them, because they can't be damaged by conventional means, including Vengeance, rings of recoil, or poison. Once killed in this manner, they do not respawn, and therefore players never have to worry about them again.

If players talk to them, engage them in combat or set up a dwarf multicannon nearby, they will become aggressive and unleash their powerful counter-attack, hitting over 20, hence it is inadvisable to do so. Although this attack is Magic-based, it cannot be blocked with Protect from Magic. If an ogre shaman is talked to, it will attack once with a Magic-based attack.

Interestingly, the dragon killed by the shaman has a combat level of only 27. According to the examine text, the dragon is a mother dragon, like other blue dragons, and when it attacks with dragonfire, it immediately takes 30 points of damage, causing the dragon to have a total of 105 hitpoints.

The Ogre shaman deals a powerful hit to a Blue dragon.


  • Despite being attackable, casting Monster Examine will reveal that it only has 1 hitpoint and pitiful combat stats.