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Start point Quest point icon The mouth of the Fremennik hunting area. Talk to Olaf Hradson.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Poor Olaf Hradson. He has to live up to such expectations. His ancestors sailed all over the world, and now he has to go out and prove himself their equal. If only he could read a map... If only he could sail... If only he hadn't crashed! Can you help a depressed and soggy Fremennik regain his pride, and possibly the lost treasure of his grandfather?
Length Short-Long (depending on Agility level and luck)
Items required
Enemies to defeat


Starting out

Items required: any axe, tinderbox

  • Talk to Olaf Hradson west of fairy ring dks. (Chat 1)
  • Chop the Windswept tree that is up the mountain to the east and just north of the fairy ring.
  • Take the logs back to Olaf.

Helping out Olaf

Recommended: stamina potions, super energy potions

  • Travel to Rellekka and talk to Ingrid Hradson who is by the well (water drop on map).
  • Talk to Volf Olafson who is to the north near the helmet shop.
  • Return to Olaf.
  • Use the Damp planks on the fire pit next to Olaf.
  • Talk to Olaf again. (Chat 1)

Treasure trail

Items required: spade, weapon, armour, food

Recommended: agility potions, stamina potions, super energy potions

  • Return to the tree and dig next to it.

NOTE: Kill a brine rat here to complete a Fremennik Medium Diary achievement.

  • Go all the way east in the tunnel and then north.
  • Kill a Skeleton fremennik and pick up the key it drops.
  • Search the picture wall to the far west.
    • Right, up, left, bottom, and then the very bottom
  • Search the wall again to walk through
  • Pick up two rotten barrels and six ropes in the next room.
  • If you brought agility boosts, use them before crossing the bridge.
  • Walk (do not run) across the bridge to the north-east and use the barrels on the missing portions.
  • Open the gate
    • Pick the shape that matches the loop part of the shown key. If you fall after opening the gate, you will need to retrieve a new key.

Finishing up

  • Search the chest located in the old ship and kill Ulfric (level 100, uses melee).
  • Search the chest again.
  • Quest complete!


Olaf's Quest reward scroll
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