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Omega egg detail.png

The omega egg is the only way of damaging and defeating the Penance Queen in the Barbarian Assault minigame. The omega egg is launched using an egg launcher. When it is in the launcher, it can only be shot if there are no other penance on the field (except for the queen spawn). 8 omega eggs are required to kill the queen - or - just one utilizing a dupe glitch.

The Collector gathers Yellow eggs that the Queen drops. The eggs are passed ("Use" option) to the Healer.

The Healer dunks the eggs in the poison springs. Once done, the eggs are given to the Attacker.

The Attacker adds spikes to the eggs from the spiked mushrooms. The eggs are passed along to the Defender.

The Defender dunks the eggs in the lava craters, and hands them back to the Collector.

The Collector places them in the Egg Hopper, and the Egg Launcher is ready to be fired.

  • Anyone can fire the egg from the launcher, so it is advised that all five team members start shooting for a quicker kill.
    • Remember the order: CHAD - Collector, Healer, Attacker, Defender, and back to the Collector.