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An Orange salamander is a creature that can be caught using the Hunter skill. When caught, it becomes an Orange salamander weapon for the Ranged skill.


Orange salamanders are found in the Kharidian Desert, so the following equipment is recommended:

  • Marrentill tar for bait
  • Desert clothing, such as the desert robe top, bottoms, and boots
  • Waterskins. Bring about 4 waterskins if you are planning to bank the salamanders, otherwise fill the rest of your inventory with waterskins.
  • 3-5 small fishing nets and ropes. (60 Hunter is needed for setting 4 traps at the same time, and level 80 for 5 traps.)
  • One or more arrows of any type, to quickly get your marrentil tar back if accidentally equipped.
  • Stamina potions (4)
  • Dramen or Lunar staff

You can use the Humidify spell from the Lunar spellbook to refill your waterskins.

From Shantay Pass, head east then south and cross the bridge. Go east until you find the hunting grounds. Click on a young tree to set a trap.


Orange salamanders barely sell, so it is recommended that you catch and release the salamanders for faster Hunter experience. If you wish to keep them, you will need to bank frequently.

One way is to use the fairy ring just south of the Hunter area, code DLQ, and head north. This can also be used as a quick way to access facilities to refill waterskins and bank.

If you don't have a ring of dueling, and you're running out of waterskins and have a knife in your inventory, you can find and cut healthy cacti to refill your skins.

This may be dangerous to low level players due to the proximity to the Desert Lizards, though there are plenty of safe spots in the hunting area.

If you have access to the Lunar spellbook you could bring runes for Humidify - 68 Magic required - to fill up your waterskins. Please note that this also needs Dream Mentor to be completed.

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