An origami balloon is a smaller version of a hot air balloon made during the Enlightened Journey quest to test the scientific principles of a hot air balloon. It will end up being burnt.

The Origami balloon can be made by players who have reached the point in the quest in which they are made. Dyes can be applied to the balloon as well. It will produce the same result and burn after a short distance flight (if there are no obstacles in front of the balloon, it will fly farther; otherwise, it will burn down before it reaches an obstacle).

Making an origami balloon provides 35 crafting experience.

All of the necessary parts, with the exception of papyrus, can be found in the dwarven city of Keldagrim. The city's general store, Gunslik's Assorted Items stocks candles, as well as tinderboxes. On the east side of the city, in the marketplace, the Carefree Crafting Stall stocks balls of wool. Papyrus can be bought in Shilo Village, Al-Kharid or East Ardougne, found in a cupboard on the ground floor of the White Knights' Castle, and dye can be made in Pollnivneach and Draynor Village or purchased in Lletya.

To make an origami balloon:

  1. Use a Papyrus with a ball of wool, creating a balloon structure
  2. Use an unlit candle or black candle on the uncompleted Origami balloon.
  3. Optionally, use a dye on the balloon to change its colour.

The finished origami balloon can be flown by using it with a tinderbox, providing 20 firemaking experience. Origami balloons are often released by players at events such as drop parties and Level 99 parties.

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