Ornament kits are items that are used on certain items to change their appearance. This change is usually cosmetic and makes it untradeable.

Ornament kits gained from an elite or master tier Treasure Trail allow the player to revert their ornamented item and retain the kit.

There are also other variants of ornament kits that can be purchased from the Bounty Hunter Store. However, unlike the ornament kits obtained from Treasure Trails, players do not get the kits back if they revert the ornamented item.

List of ornament kits

Ornament kit GE Price Used on Creates Source
Dragon full helm ornament kit Dragon full helm 5,507 Dragon full helm Dragon full helm (g) Treasure Trails
Dragon chainbody ornament kit Dragon chainbody 5,976 Dragon chainbody Dragon chainbody (g) Treasure Trails
File:Dragon plate+skirt ornament kit.png Dragon legs/skirt Script error
Dragon platelegs Dragon platelegs (g) Treasure Trails
Dragon plateskirt Dragon plateskirt (g)
Dragon sq shield ornament kit Dragon sq shield 4,628 Dragon sq shield Dragon sq shield (g) Treasure Trails
Dragon scimitar ornament kit Dragon scimitar 682,861 Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar (or) Treasure Trails
Dragon defender ornament kit Dragon defender 934,671 Dragon defender Dragon defender (t) Treasure Trails
Armadyl godsword ornament kit Armadyl godsword 954,031 Armadyl godsword Armadyl godsword (or) Treasure Trails
Bandos godsword ornament kit Bandos godsword 4,202,884 Bandos godsword Bandos godsword (or) Treasure Trails
Saradomin godsword ornament kit Saradomin godsword 4,111,569 Saradomin godsword Saradomin godsword (or) Treasure Trails
Zamorak godsword ornament kit Zamorak godsword 366,464 Zamorak godsword Zamorak godsword (or) Treasure Trails
Dark infinity colour kit Dark infinity 6,300
Infinity hat Dark infinity hat Treasure Trails
Infinity top Dark infinity top
Infinity bottoms Dark infinity bottoms
Light infinity colour kit Light infinity 7,307
Infinity hat Light infinity hat Treasure Trails
Infinity top Light infinity top
Infinity bottoms Light infinity bottoms
Fury ornament kit Amulet of fury 1,654,419 Amulet of fury Amulet of fury (or) Treasure Trails
Torture ornament kit Amulet of torture 7,321,464 Amulet of torture Amulet of torture (or) Treasure Trails
Occult ornament kit Occult necklace 4,694,531 Occult necklace Occult necklace (or) Treasure Trails
Green dark bow paint Green dark bow paint 636,282 Dark bow Dark bow (green) Bounty Hunter Store
Yellow dark bow paint Yellow dark bow paint 415,349 Dark bow Dark bow (yellow) Bounty Hunter Store
White dark bow paint White dark bow paint 697,466 Dark bow Dark bow (white) Bounty Hunter Store
Blue dark bow paint Blue dark bow paint 664,902 Dark bow Dark bow (blue) Bounty Hunter Store
Volcanic whip mix Volcanic whip mix 576,368 Abyssal whip Volcanic abyssal whip Bounty Hunter Store
Frozen whip mix Frozen whip mix 584,317 Abyssal whip Frozen abyssal whip Bounty Hunter Store
Granite clamp Granite clamp 325,871 Granite maul Granite maul (or) Bounty Hunter Store
Steam staff upgrade kit Steam staff upgrade kit 372,945 Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff (or) Bounty Hunter Store
Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit 374,539 Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe (or) Bounty Hunter Store
Ward upgrade kit Ward upgrade kit 556,612
Odium ward Odium ward (or) Bounty Hunter Store
Malediction ward Malediction ward (or)
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