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The Ornate jewellery box is built in the Achievement Gallery of a player-owned house as a place where players can teleport to locations provided by the ring of dueling, games necklace, combat bracelet, skills necklace, amulet of glory, and ring of wealth.

Players must have level 91 Construction to upgrade the Fancy jewellery box to an Ornate jewellery box.

Players using the crystal saw (+3) and a spicy stew with three doses of orange spice (+5) can build the Ornate jewellery box at level 83 Construction.


Item Exchange price Total price
Gold leaf.png 2 x Gold leaf 267,750 468,278
Amulet of glory.png 8 x Amulet of glory(4) 96,872
Ring of wealth.png 8 x Ring of wealth (5) 106,016


The box will allow players to teleport to the following locations (keyboard shortcuts included):

Item Location
Ring of dueling.png Ring of dueling 1. Al Kharid Duel Arena
2. Castle Wars Arena
3. Clan Wars Arena
Games necklace.png Games necklace 4. Burthorpe
5. Barbarian Outpost
6. Corporeal Beast
7. Chasm of Tears
8. Wintertodt Camp
Combat bracelet.png Combat bracelet 9. Warriors' Guild
A. Champions' Guild
B. Edgeville Monastery
C. Ranging Guild
Skills necklace.png Skills necklace D. Fishing Guild
E. Mining Guild
F. Crafting Guild
G. Cooking Guild
H. Woodcutting Guild
Ring of wealth.png Ring of wealth I. Miscellania
J. Grand Exchange
K. Falador Park
L. Dondakan's Rock
Amulet of glory.png Amulet of glory M. Edgeville
N. Karamja
O. Draynor Village
P. Al Kharid