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Otto's Grotto is an area west of Baxtorian Falls and where players can start Barbarian Training. To get here, rub a games necklace, or use the Barbarian Assault minigame teleport, and head south-west. In addition, the Fishing cape can be used to teleport here a unlimited amount of times. Also near here is the entrance to the Ancient Cavern, a large whirpool at the end of a dock. Another way, through the Tree Gnome Stronghold, requires The Grand Tree quest.

Otto's house

Otto's house.

There is a barbarian anvil (to make hastae and spears) and several trees of various types. In addition, there are fishing spots close by that contain leaping fish, which can be cut and used for barbarian potion mixes, as well as offering some of the best Fishing experience in the game. This requires a barbarian rod, which can be found by searching Otto's bed.

To bank any fish, players should head north to the Barbarian Outpost and deposit them in the bank chest near the Barbarian Assault minigame.

If players head due north and then turn west, they will find a shortcut that leads to the Gnome Stronghold, which, again, requires The Grand Tree quest to be completed.




  • Voyage
  • Waterfall


  • A teleport to Otto's Grotto was added to the Fishing cape on 19 April 2018.
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