PKMaster0036 is a non-player character and player spoof with a combat level of 87 who is seen during a cutscene during the Garden of Tranquillity quest. When a player uses the trolley on the statue in Falador, the cutscene occurs, during which he appears coming down the path to the northern entrance to Falador where two guards named Bob and Billy are discussing the life span of a Falador guard, where their life usually lasts 30 seconds and how people attack them for no reason. He wears an Iron full helmet, Iron platebody, Iron platelegs, Leather gloves, Leather boots, and wields a Black longsword. When he gets to the two guards he hits each of them for 22 damage for a one-hit kill. He then buries their bones and continues on his way, allowing the player to push the statue out of Falador.

A question concerning him is also asked by the Wise Old Man during the ring enchantment in the quest, Garden of Tranquillity.

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