Padulah chathead

Padulah is located on the isle of Ape Atoll. He is the head guard in charge of protecting the Sacred Statue of Marimbo, the monkey god. He hits very hard with melee and is surrounded by Monkey Archers who hit very hard with ranged.

Padulah is similar to Kruk, the head of monkey security, except Padulah can be attacked. His bones can be used to make medium-sized ninja monkey greegrees.


The trick to killing him is to walk out to the west of the statue he is guarding and use protect from range. Once you have his attention, let him get next to you. Walk to the north-west to get to the building next to the monkey's aunt's garden, there is a fence nearby that the archers cannot shoot through. Switch to protect from melee, then kill him. Guthan's is very effective since it has a healing special.


Ape Atoll, by Marimbo statue

Other drops



  • Padulah: What do you want?
  • Player: Oh, nothing in particular really.
  • Padulah: Well stop distracting me then. I'm meant to be guarding this sacred statue from the temple of Marimbo.
  • Player: Where is the temple of Marimbo?
    • Padulah: You're not from around here are you?
    • Player: Actually I'm not. I'm a visitor from foreign lands.
    • Padulah: Very well, the temple is to the east of the village.
  • Player: What is the statue of?
    • Padulah: It's of Marimbo, you cretin!
    • Player: Ah yes. How stupid of me not to see the likeness.
  • Player: I'll be back later.
    • Padulah: I wouldn't count on it.
    • Player: What?!
    • Padulah: Oh, nothing.
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