This article is about the reward from Olaf's Quest. For the item used in some quests for drawing on, see Papyrus.

The Parchment is a reward for completing Olaf's Quest. It is obtained by searching the chest at the end of the quest, and tells of additional treasure ships that sank in the area, however this additional treasure is currently unavailable.


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Alas, we are lost. Our ship has been smashed against the rocks and we are floundering. Sven has ordered us to make for the hidden caves, but I do not think we will make it alive. The other ships have already gone down, along with the greater share of that cursed treasure. I commend my soul to the gods.-Ulfric Longbeard


  • The examine text is a reference to the slogan that was used to advertise Nuprin, a brand of ibuprofen: "Little. Yellow. Different."

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