Pastry dough is used to make pies. It is made from a pot of flour and water, awarding the player with 0 Cooking experience. It can then be used on a pie dish to make a pie shell. The pie shell is then used with the filling, which varies according to which pie is to be made.

Pastry dough can also be made as a source of money. By buying or making one pot of flour, and one bucket of water or jug of water, then mixing the ingredients together, selling the dough will give profit.

Note that if you have a Cooking level of 32 or higher, you are granted access to the Cooking Guild.


Pastry dough.png Pastry dough
Cooking icon.png Store value Alchemy value -
1 XP 1 0 -
Cooking.png Cooking level 10
Pot of flour.png Pot of flour 1

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