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{{RSC page|Oyster pearl bolts}}
{{RSC page|Oyster pearl bolts}}
{{Infobox Item
{{Infobox Item

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A detailed view of pearl bolts

Pearl bolts are a ranged weapon that members can use with an iron crossbow or better if they have a Ranged level of at least 26. Members can make pearl bolts by attaching pearl bolt tips to iron bolts, if they have a Fletching level of at least 41.

Members can enchant pearl bolts with the Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl) spell to make enchanted pearl bolts, if they have a Magic level of at least 24. The spell enchants 10 bolts at a time. Template:Infobox Bonuses Beta

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant ant soldier 58 10–15 8; Unknown

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