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Peksa is a non-player character who owns the Helmet Shop in the Barbarian Village. Players can purchase all types of helmets from him except for dragon, rune and black med helms. He also plays a small part in the Scorpion Catcher quest where he hid a scorpion in his brother Ivor's room.


  • Peksa: Are you interested in buying or selling a helmet?
  • 1. I could be, yes.
    • (This opens up the shop interface for Helmet Shop.)
    • END
  • 2. No, I'll pass on that.
    • Peksa: Well, come back if you change your mind.
    • END
  • 3. I've heard you have a small scorpion in your possession. (This option exists during Scorpion Catcher.)
    • Peksa: Now how could you know about that, I wonder? Mind you, I don't have it anymore.
    • Peksa: I gave it as a present to my brother Ivor when I visited our outpost northwest of Camelot.
    • Peksa: Well, actually, I hid it in his bed so it would nip him. It was a bit of a surprise gift.
    • END


  • "Peksa" means "beat" (as in to beat someone) in Estonian.

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