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The Penance Healer is a creature only encountered during the Barbarian Assault minigame. They will heal other Penance creatures and can only be killed with poisoned foods, or by firing the egg cannon at them. The food required to kill them changes every 30 seconds. A single poisoned food will cause a total of 58 damage over time. Therefore, Healers on Wave 8 and Wave 9 must be killed by using more than 1 food as they have a high amount of health. Unlike other monsters, Penance Healers tick poison damage every 3 seconds.

Penance Healers, after spawning, will target any visible player. It will then chase this player until it reaches the player. It will then poison the player for 2 damage. After this, it will wander for a short duration of time. It will then target any visible Penance Runner. It will then chase the Runner and heal it to full health. It will continue to alternate between targetting players and Runners. If there are no mobs, the Penance Healer will cease chasing players and Runners and wander randomly for the rest of the wave.

Wave Hitpoints
1 22
2 27
3 32
4 38
5 46
6 50
7 55
8 62
9 71
10 55

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