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[[File:Fighter torso equipped.png|110px|right|thumb|A player wearing the Fighter torso, one of the most sought after items from Barbarian Assault.]]
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
'''Penance armour''' is level 40 [[armour]] (or 45 [[Defence]] with the [[Penance hat|hats]]) that can be bought using points earned in the [[Barbarian Assault]] [[minigame]]. There are four roles: [[Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Attacker|Attacker]], [[Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Defender|Defender]], [[Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Collector|Collector]] and [[Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Healer|Healer]]. A [[Penance hat]], [[Fighter torso|torso]], [[Penance skirt|skirt]] and [[Penance gloves|gloves]] require points in each role in order to be bought. The hat, torso, and skirt also require the [[Penance Queen]] to have been killed in the 10th wave.
A full set costs 1,275 [[Barbarian Assault/Rewards|Honour points]], in all four roles, thus a total of 5,100 points (all roles added together).
*[[Runner hat]]
*[[Fighter hat]]
*[[Ranger hat]]
*[[Healer hat]]
*[[Fighter torso]]
*[[Penance skirt]]
*[[Penance gloves]]
*[[Runner boots]]
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