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Pendant of lucien detail.png

The pendant of lucien is a pendant given to the player by Lucien. It is a members-only quest item used only during and after Temple of Ikov. It gives access to the north dungeon door in the main chamber under the temple since it is imbued with Lucien's courage. For reasons unknown, the centre gem is green when worn by males but red when worn by females. The pendant has no other known use.

If lost during or after the quest, a player may regain the pendant by:

  • Talking to Lucien in the pub in Ardougne north of the castle.
  • Talking to Lucien in his house east of edgeville.(only after the quest)
  • Pickpocketing Movario.


  • The Pendant of lucien shares its design with the Armadyl pendant and the unobtainable Lathas' amulet, with the only difference being the color of the inner gem.
  • In Runescape Classic, this item had the same model as a generic amulet, but was coloured black rather than gold. Due to the lack of variation and character customization in Classic, the unique black amulet was rather popular among members.
  • The string attached to the pendent is thicker on males and thinner on females, however may not be visible to most.

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