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[[File:Ping chathead.png|left]]
'''Penguins''' (''Spheniscidae callidus'') are a race of flightless aquatic birds found in ''[[RuneScape]]'', specifically in the North, the Penguin '[[Motherland]]', and other islands. Penguins are one of [[w:runescape:Andrew Gower|Andrew Gower]]'s favourite animals{{CiteForum |author = Andrew |url = |title = Answers from Andrew - Q&A! |forum = News & Announcements |postdate = 3 September 2009 |accessdate = 12 April 2017}}, revered in a manner similar to [[Bob the Jagex Cat]], and have therefore been included in many aspects of ''RuneScape''. A notable item honouring penguins includes the [[penguin mask]], which is obtainable from [[medium clues]] in [[Treasure Trails]]. Penguins originate from the Motherland, its capital being [[Palingrad]].
While some penguins, such as [[Penguin (monster)|those]] found on an island near [[Miscellania]] (accessible via [[fairy ring]] code {{Fairycode|AJS}}), are apparently benign and unintelligent, presumably not part of [[The Pescallion]]'s organisation, the penguins found on the [[Iceberg]] have organised themselves into a cunning and militant organisation known as the [[Killer Gentoo Penguins]], or KGP, led by The Pescallion. One of his sons, [[Pescaling Pax]], rules the Iceberg. Their goal is to destroy all [[humans]] and take over [[Gielinor]]. They are incredibly adept at technology, and they have created advanced infrastructures and a number of disguises like the "Thing" found in [[Fred the Farmer]]'s [[sheep]] pen.
[[File:Cold War.png|thumb|KGP agents in the Ardougne Zoo.]]
Penguins are the central focus of the [[Cold War]] quest. During said quest, players meet [[Larry]], a zookeeper at the [[Ardougne Zoo]] who, after years of observing the penguins, suspects that they are evil. The player helps Larry study the penguins and infiltrate the [[KGP]] headquarters on the [[Iceberg]] and uncover their intent to invade the world. The player narrowly escapes with their life.
==Notable penguins==
* [[Pescaling Pax]]
* [[Noodle]] and [[Alfredo]]
* [[Ping]] and [[Pong]] (Ping and Pong tend to enjoy [[penguin bongos]] and [[cowbells]].)
* [[KGP Agent]]s
* [[Army Commander]]
* Mod Nancy originally planned for the penguins to be robots but was declined so she changed it to penguins as revealed in the 3 June 2010 interview with the content team.{{fact}}
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