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The '''Penguin agility course''' is located on the [[Iceberg]], and requires an [[Agility]] level of 30. Players need to complete the quest [[Cold War]], and must be wearing the [[clockwork suit]]. This course has the highest base chance to receive an agility pet.{{CiteTwitter|author=Mod Kieren|url=https://twitter.com/jagexkieren/status/780482243584069632|quote=Finally, the Agility pet rates! Try your best to get your hands on that Giant Squirrel!|date=22 September 2016}}
==The course==
[[File:Penguin agility course map.png|thumb|220px|right|Penguin Outpost Agility course map]]
[[File:Penguin agility course.png|thumb|220px|right|Manoeuvring underneath the icicles]]
This course offers slightly higher experience than the [[Barbarian Agility Course]], but requires a lower Agility level. However, all four obstacles can be failed, so food and [[agility potion]]s are recommended if the Agility level is low. Players are also recommended to bring [[weight-reducing clothing]] to decrease their [[weight]] as well as to run longer.
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|Ice Crushers
|Complete platform jumps
|40 each or 160 total
|Ice slope
|Agility bonus
!Total Gain
Completing the course grants 540 experience per lap, should you clear all four obstacles (about 30,000 experience per hour at level 99 Agility).
*The platform jumps depends on a player's Agility level.
*Once you click on a Stepping Stone, you only need to wait one tick before clicking onto the next. Doing so perfectly gives the appearance of your character 'gliding' along the Stepping Stones.
*If "tread softly" is not clicked while going under the icicles, players will always get hurt. Also note that if the player clicks the spot under the icicles farther away from them, they will first go on the spot closer to them and automatically get hurt.
*Players cannot fail the first jump of the stepping stones and the last step on the ice slope.
*The crushers are treated as NPCs by the game.
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