Penwie can be found south-west of the Gnome glider among the jogres on Karamja. He can also be found near the tribesmen directly west of the Gnome glider. Penwie is difficult to see because the clothes he wears blend in with his surroundings. He is involved in the Gnome restaurant minigame, as a hard order. Penwie has a chance of giving the unique reward of a raw oomlie, but does not drop the special rewards of a gnome scarf or gnome goggles.

Gnome Restaurant

Please note that the amounts of the rewards are incomplete and are being updated with the variable range of the items given.



  • Penwie has the same examine text as Brambickle, another gnome explorer that can be received for the Gnome restaurant minigame, as a hard order.
  • His examine texts states that he is a long way from home, however, this may or may not be true depending if Penwie has access to the Gnome gliders. If he did, then he wouldn't have to walk too far because the nearby glider could easily take him home. Then again, even if it takes the player a short time to travel to south Karamja from the Grand Tree via Gnome glider, they are quite a distance apart on the map.
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