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Perdu is a travelling dwarven merchant. He will return certain reward items to you if he thinks you have lost them, although his prices are higher than what you would pay elsewhere. The items on Perdu's list are things that you normally could get back for free, or for a smaller payment of coins.

He will also repair certain untradeable items for a certain amount of coins.

Note: He will not return items that you would have had to re-obtain through combat or from minigames.

Perdu's shop, Lost Property shop.


Perdu can be found in the following locations:

  • Lumbridge - Southern castle gatehouse.
  • Catherby - In the house just north of the bank.
  • Edgeville - 1st floor[?] of the general store (inside the bank on PvP and BH worlds).
  • Falador - 1st floor[?] of the general store.

Eligible items

Item Price
Ectophial.png Ectophial 4,600
Guthix cape.png God capes 23,000
Book of balance.png God books 12,000
Karamja gloves 2.png Karamja gloves 200
Ardougne cloak 3.png Ardougne cloak 200
Falador shield 3.png Falador shield 200
Fremennik sea boots 3.png Fremennik sea boots 200
Kandarin headgear 3.png Kandarin headgear 200
Desert amulet 3.png Desert amulet 200
Explorer's ring 3.png Explorer's ring 200
Morytania legs 3.png Morytania legs 200
Varrock armour 3.png Varrock armour 200
Wilderness sword 3.png Wilderness sword 200
Western banner 3.png Western banner 200
Ghostly hood.png Ghostly hood 15,000
Ghostly robe (top).png Ghostly robe (top) 45,000
Ghostly robe (bottom).png Ghostly robe (bottom) 43,000
Ghostly gloves.png Ghostly gloves 13,500
Ghostly boots.png Ghostly boots 13,500
Ghostly cloak.png Ghostly cloak 15,000
Lunar staff.png Lunar staff 60,000
Lunar helm.png Lunar helm 22,000
Lunar torso.png Lunar torso 140,000
Lunar legs.png Lunar legs 95,000
Lunar gloves.png Lunar gloves 15,000
Lunar boots.png Lunar boots 15,000
Lunar cape.png Lunar cape 18,000
Lunar amulet.png Lunar amulet 9,000
Lunar ring.png Lunar ring 8,000
Barrelchest anchor.png Barrelchest anchor 290,000
Boots of lightness.png Boots of lightness 9,800
Cape of legends.png Cape of legends 1,900


  • "Perdu" is French for the word "lost".