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Pestle and mortar detail.png

The pestle and mortar is an item that is used to crush items into fine powder for Herblore and in many quests. It can be bought from Herbalists. It can be used to grind several items in order to produce a dust. It's used with the following items:

Stores selling

Herbalist Location Price Stock
Jatix Taverley 4gp 3
Gunslik's Assorted Items Keldagrim 5gp 3
Frincos's Fabulous Herb Store Entrana 4gp 3
Jiminua's Jungle Store Northwestern Tai Bwo Wannai 6gp 3
Sigmund the Merchant (after completing The Fremennik Trials) Rellekka 5gp 3
Ogre Merchant (During the Watchtower quest) Gu'Tanoth 5gp 3