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{{Infobox Construction
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name=Pet list
|image=[[File:Pet list built.png|120px]]
|icon=[[File:Pet list icon.png]]
|materials =3 [[oak plank]]s, 1 [[bolt of cloth]], 1 [[papyrus]]
|hotspot=Pet list
|examine=A catalogue of one-off pets.
|flatpack = No
The '''Pet list''' is built in the [[menagerie]] of a [[player-owned house]] as a place where players can see what [[pets]] (only one-off pets) have been obtained, and requires a [[Construction]] level of 38 to build.
The pet list will indicate whether a pet is owned, not owned, or [[insured]].
{|class="wikitable lighttable" style="text-align:center;"
!Exchange price
!Total price
|{{plinkp|Oak plank}}
|3 x [[Oak plank]]
|{{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Oak plank}} * 3}}}}
|rowspan="5"|{{formatnum:{{#expr: {{GEP|Oak plank}} * 3 + {{GEP|Bolt of cloth}} + {{GEP|Papyrus}}}}}}
|{{plinkp|Bolt of cloth}}
|1 x [[Bolt of cloth]]
|{{GEPrice|Bolt of cloth}}
|1 x [[Papyrus]]
==Pet list==
{| class="wikitable lighttable"
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet chaos elemental}}</center>
|[[Pet chaos elemental]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet dagannoth supreme}}</center>
|[[Pet dagannoth supreme]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet dagannoth prime}}</center>
|[[Pet dagannoth prime]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet dagannoth rex}}</center>
|[[Pet dagannoth rex]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet penance queen}}</center>
|[[Pet penance queen]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet kree'arra}}</center>
|[[Pet kree'arra]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet general graardor}}</center>
|[[Pet general graardor]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet zilyana}}</center>
|[[Pet zilyana]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet k'ril tsutsaroth}}</center>
|[[Pet k'ril tsutsaroth]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Baby mole}}</center>
|[[Baby mole]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Prince black dragon}}</center>
|[[Prince black dragon]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Kalphite princess}}</center>
|[[Kalphite princess]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet smoke devil}}</center>
|[[Pet smoke devil]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet kraken}}</center>
|[[Pet kraken]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet dark core}}</center>
|[[Pet dark core]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Pet snakeling}}</center>
|[[Pet snakeling]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Chompy chick}}</center>
|[[Chompy chick]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Venenatis spiderling}}</center>
|[[Venenatis spiderling]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Callisto cub}}</center>
|[[Callisto cub]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Vet'ion jr.}}</center>
|[[Vet'ion jr.]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Scorpia's offspring}}</center>
|[[Scorpia's offspring]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Abyssal orphan}}</center>
|[[Abyssal orphan]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Rock golem}}</center>
|[[Rock golem]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Baby chinchompa|Baby chinchompa (red)}}</center>
|[[Baby chinchompa]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Giant squirrel}}</center>
|[[Giant squirrel]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Rift guardian|Rift guardian (fire)}}</center>
|[[Rift guardian]]
|<center>{{plinkp|Lil' zik}}</center>
|[[Lil' zik]]
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