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Pickaxe-Is-Mine is a store that sells pickaxes in East Keldagrim. The shop is run by its owners, Tati and Sune.

This store stocks every type of pickaxe, with the exception of iron, black and dragon. This store can be convenient owing to it allowing players to purchase more effective pickaxes while training Mining in the city. However, it should be noted only bronze and steel pickaxes are cheaper to buy here. Mithril, adamant and rune are far cheaper to buy from another player.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze pickaxe.png Bronze pickaxe 6 1 1 67
Steel pickaxe.png Steel pickaxe 4 650 166 444
Mithril pickaxe.png Mithril pickaxe 3 1,690 433 378
Adamant pickaxe.png Adamant pickaxe 2 4,160 1,066 2,406
Rune pickaxe.png Rune pickaxe 1 41,600 10,666 18,715


  • The store's name is a play on the popular store Toys "R" Us. However, this could also be a pun on the fact that you use a pickaxe to mine.