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{{Infobox shop
|name = Pickaxe-Is-Mine
|image = [[File:Pickaxe-Is-Mine.png|300px]]
|map =
|members = Yes
|icon = [[File:Mining shop icon.png]]
|location = [[Keldagrim]]
|owner = [[Tati]] and [[Sune]]
|special = [[Pickaxe]]s
|release = 31 May [[2005]]
|update = Keldagrim - The Dwarven City
'''Pickaxe-Is-Mine''' is a store that sells [[pickaxe]]s in East [[Keldagrim]]. The shop is run by its owners, [[Tati]] and [[Sune]].
This store stocks every type of pickaxe, with the exception of [[iron pickaxe|iron]], [[Black pickaxe|black]] and [[Dragon pickaxe|dragon]]. This store can be convenient owing to it allowing players to purchase more effective pickaxes while training [[Mining]] in the city. However, it should be noted only bronze and steel pickaxes are cheaper to buy here. Mithril, adamant and rune are far cheaper to buy from another player.
{{StoreLine|Name=Bronze pickaxe|Stock=6|Sell=1|Buy=1}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Steel pickaxe|Stock=4|Sell=650|Buy=166}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Mithril pickaxe|Stock=3|Sell=1690|Buy=433}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Adamant pickaxe|Stock=2|Sell=4160|Buy=1066}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Rune pickaxe|Stock=1|Sell=41600|Buy=10666}}
*The store's name is a play on the popular store ''[[wikipedia:Toys "R" Us|Toys "R" Us]]''. However, this could also be a pun on the fact that you use a [[pickaxe]] to [[mining|mine]].

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