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Pies are a type of food that players can cook via the Cooking skill. All pies that can be eaten are eaten in two servings. After eating a single serving, players will be left with half a pie. The pie dish still remains after a pie has been completely eaten. That dish can then be used again to make another pie.

This is a list of all pies in RuneScape, along with the Cooking level and fillings required to make them.

Note: (M) denotes a members-only item.

Pie Cooking level Filling
Redberry pie 10 Redberries
Meat pie 20 Cooked meat
Mud pie (M) 29 Compost, Bucket of water, Clay
Apple pie 30 Cooking apple
Garden pie (M) 34 Tomato, Onion, Cabbage
Fish pie (M) 47 Trout, Cod, Raw potato
Botanical pie (M) 52 Golovanova fruit top
Mushroom pie (M) 60 Sulliuscep cap
Admiral pie (M) 70 Salmon, Tuna, Raw potato
Wild pie (M) 85 Raw bear meat, Raw chompy, Raw rabbit
Summer pie (M) 95 Strawberry, Watermelon, Cooking apple