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| interwiki = {{External|rs|rsc=Messenger_pigeons}}
|name = Pigeon cage
|image = [[File:Pigeon cage (empty).png]] [[File:Pigeon cage.png]]
|release = 23 October [[2002]]
|update = Updates galore!
|members = Yes
|quest = [[Biohazard]] <br> [[One Small Favour]]
|tradeable = No
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 0
|low = 0
|value = 1
|destroy = Drop
|store = 0
|examine = (empty) It's empty... <br> (full) It's full of pigeons.
|weight = (empty) 0.1{{kg}}<br> (full) 2
[[File:Pigeon cage detail.png|left|120px]]
A '''pigeon cage''' is a quest item used in [[Biohazard]] and [[One Small Favour]]. The latter requires the use of 5 cages and are turned into [[chicken cage]]s by using a [[steel bar]].
It can be found in the garden behind [[Jerico]]'s house, immediately south of the northern bank in [[East Ardougne]].
{{One Small Favour}}

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