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Pineapple punch is a drink that can be made at level 8 Cooking, granting 70 experience points. It heals 9 HP. To mix a Pineapple punch, a player needs a Lemon, 2 Oranges, 3 Pineapples, a Lime, a Cocktail shaker, a Knife, and a Cocktail glass.

To make it:
1. Use the "mix-cocktail" option on the shaker, and select Pineapple punch.
2. Use the Knife on the Lime and remaining Pineapples and select "dice".
3. Use the Knife on the Orange and select "slice."
4. Use the Cocktail shaker on the glass or select "pour mixed punch" on the Cocktail shaker.

After drinking it, you will get a message saying
"You drink the cocktail. It tastes great."