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This is the quick guide for Pirate's Treasure.
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Start point The northernmost dock at Port Sarim, just south of the pub. The northernmost dock at Port Sarim, just south of the pub.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Redbeard Frank knows the location of pirate treasure, but he'll only part with the knowledge for a bottle of Karamja rum.
Length Short
Requirements Able to defeat or run away from a Combat level 4 gardener.
Items required
Enemies to defeat Gardener (level 4)


Captain Redbeard

  • Talk to Redbeard Frank on the northernmost Port Sarim dock. (Chat 11)
  • Travel to Karamja for 30 coins. (Talk to the men in blue on the south docks.)

The Island of Karamja

  • Head west to the Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers bar and buy one Karamjan rum for 30 coins.
  • Do not try to leave the island with the rum.
  • Grab 10 Bananas from the nearby trees.
  • Talk to Luthas the banana farmer about the customs workers, then ask him for a job. (Chat 21)
  • Place your rum in the crate outside, then the 10 bananas. (The crate outside, not in the bedroom. Careful not to eat the bananas.)
  • Talk to Luthas and get your payment from him.
  • Take the boat back to Port Sarim. (Chat 121)

Back at Port Sarim

  • Take a white apron from the fishing store.
  • Attempt to enter the back room of the food shop, Wydin will stop you. (Chat 1)
  • Search the crate with the banana on it to get the rum.
  • Give the rum to Redbeard Frank, he will give you a key. (Chat 1)
  • Go upstairs in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and use your key on the chest in the room directly west. Read the pirate message.

Location of the buried treasure.

Buried Treasure

  • If you didn't have a spade already, you can get one from the Estate agent's house on the south-west side of the park, right next to the study desk.
  • Dig in Falador park, kill the Gardener.
  • Dig again to get a casket.
  • Quest complete!

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