Pitfall trapping is a Hunter technique requiring 31 Hunter. It involves building a pit, using an axe, logs and a knife in special spots in the Feldip Jungle, Karamja and Rellekka Hunter areas. Build the pitfall trap, and then tease the relevant monster with a teasing stick. Now, run back to the pit and jump over it. The creature will often jump over the pit and attack you.

Unlike most other hunted creatures, pitfall trapping creatures will do damage, so food may be a good idea especially for low levels. If hunting Spined larupia for experience, it is more convenient and faster to catch Swamp lizards via net trapping. Some may prefer to bring a bird snare, iron spit, and tinderbox as well as the pitfall trapping items to catch birds and cook the bird meat for food instead of bringing food of their own.

Since creatures will not jump the same pit twice in a row, you must move to another nearby hot-spot to build another pitfall and try again. The pitfall trap will collapse after a certain amount of time. You collect furs when emptying the trap, which can be made into Hunter gear in the Varrock Fancy Clothes Store. You can buy them from the Grand Exchange for a fine price, too. The furs may be tattered or "perfect"; tattered furs are only suitable for bodies or legs, but perfect furs are suitable for headpieces, bodies and legs. One receives perfect fur approximately one-fourth of the time. It takes three furs plus coins to make a set. Alternatively, you may sell the furs in Ardougne or on the Grand Exchange to other players.

Hunter icon.png Creature Location XP Outfit
Spined larupia.png
Spined larupia Feldip Hunter area 180 Larupia hunter gear
Horned graahk.png
Horned graahk Karamja Hunter area 240 Graahk hunter gear
Sabre-toothed kyatt.png
Sabre-toothed kyatt Rellekka Hunter area 300 Kyatt hunter gear

There is a glitch in which you can collapse a trap, but not kill the creature. This is done by jumping the pit at the same time when the creature is walking over the pit; it will not work if the creature is jumping. This will cause the creature to fall in, turn to face your character and then "spawn" outside the trap with the trap looking collapsed. You will not kill the creature and therefore receive no materials or drops. This glitch has yet to be fixed.

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