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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Edmond, living next to the wall surrounding East Ardougne, north of the castle.
Official difficulty Novice
Description The western part of Ardougne has been shut off as a deadly plague sweeps through the people. However, a young woman who went in to try to help those stricken by the illness has disappeared and her parents have become worried.
Length Short-Medium
Requirements None
Items required
Enemies to defeat None


Plague City map 1

Quest start location

Starting the quest

Bring all items with you.

Plague City start


Plague City grate

The underground pipe.

  • Travel to the southern pipe.
  • Attempt to open the grill.
  • Use a rope on the grill.
  • Speak to Edmond.
  • Put on the gas mask and climb up the pipe.

Finding Elena

Plague City map 2

NPC locations

  • Speak to Jethick to your east; he will give you a book. (Chat 11)
  • Go north to the house against the wall (the building made from wood).
  • Attempt to open the door.
  • Speak to Martha or Ted.
  • Go upstairs and speak to Milli.
  • Go south of the town square, to the large building with an "X" on the doors, by the southern wall (there's a staircase going down inside the building). Attempt to open the door.
  • Talk to the mourners, (Chat 12)

Getting inside

  • Go to the large building north of the manhole in the town square.
  • Talk to the clerk (Chat 21)
Plague City Bravek


Plague City rescue

Rescuing Elena.

Finishing up

  • Return to the Mourners' house ("X" on the doors)
  • Search the barrel west of the staircase for a small key.
  • Go downstairs, enter the cell and speak to Elena.
  • Go back down the manhole and speak to Edmond.
Quest complete!


Plague City reward scroll

Required for completing

Completion of Plague City is required for the following:

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