This article is about the bottle of poison used in several quests. For the potion made using Herblore, see Weapon poison. For the rat poison used in other quests, see Rat poison.

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Poison is an item used in several quests. This item should not be confused with the weapon poison made through Herblore.

It is used to poison the fish food and the piranhas found in the fountain on the grounds of Draynor Manor during the Ernest the Chicken quest. This item is found inside of the manor. This item can be purchased from Rasolo near the Baxtorian Falls, Jossik in the Lighthouse, other players via the Grand Exchange, or it can be picked up in Draynor Manor.

It is also used to poison the infected sheep in the Sheep Herder quest. Finally, it is used to poison the Carnillean household's food in Hazeel Cult. You can try to use the poison obtained from the Hazeel Cult to poison the sheep in Sheep Herder, but a message will appear saying: "The sheep isn't going to drink the poison from the bottle. Perhaps you should try feeding it something else more appropriate."

A special brand of poison is sold by the Poison Salesman in Seers' Village which features in the Murder Mystery quest. This poison can be bought by players although it is mostly useless.

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