For other uses, see Karambwan.
Poison karambwan detail

Poison karambwan, formerly known as poorly/partially-cooked karambwan, is a food item that is obtained when a raw karambwan is cooked poorly. Cooking one has no level requirement and grants 80 Cooking experience. This is a fast but expensive method for low-levelled players to train cooking.

Eating poison karambwan will damage the player for 5 poison damage, however it only poisons once and not constantly, unlike most other poison. However, this trait can be advantageous: if a player uses a poison karambwan with a pestle and mortar, they create karambwan paste which can be used to poison spears and hastae (Poison on the weapon can be removed by using Karamjan rum on a piece of silk to make a cleaning cloth. Then the cleaning cloth can be used on the weapon to remove the poison). A raw karambwan can also be thoroughly cooked by a player turning it into a cooked karambwan, after completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest and talking to Tinsay in his hut to learn how to cook it thoroughly. Poison karambwan can be cooked both during and after the quest.

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