Polmafi Ferdygris chathead.png

Polmafi Ferdygris is a scholar of The Myreque, working directly under one if the lieutenants, Veliaf Hurtz as a kind of advisor. He is also one of the 5 remaining members of the Mort Myre division of the Myreque, after the murders of Sani Piliu and Harold Evans during the events of In Search of the Myreque. Polmafi Ferygris also states how Veliaf reports to Calsidiu, who, it is believed, is the true leader of the Myreque.

Polmafi seems to be a middle-aged man wearing plain green clothing. He has glasses and looks more like a librarian than a fighter. He seems to be more of a tactician or planner for the Myreque, rather than a field agent. He currently resides, along with the rest of the Mort Myre order, in the basement of Burgh de Rott's dilapidated inn.

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