Pontak chathead

Pontak is a council member found in the south-eastern corner of Rellekka. During The Fremennik Trials, the player must gain votes of Rellekka's council members to attain citizenship. To gain his vote, he asks the player to collect the following items for him:

Since none of these items exist, it's deduced that he is simply brushing the player off to let them know that he will never vote for them.

Pontak can also be pickpocketed for 40 coins. He is the ideal Fremennik citizen to pickpocket for Thieving as he is unable to leave his house. He cannot be attacked, though his combat level is 48.


  • Mage Gower alludes to Andrew Gower, whom Pontak claims is a "mage" because he created RuneScape.
  • "Cheese from the Moon" refers the old myth that the Moon is made of cheese.

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